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15mm Napoleonic French

Finally I have rebased all my 15mm French Napoleonic miniatures and flocked all the bases, well nearly all.

This is the complete collection that I have except for a few odd miniatures and the command figures that I have not rebased yet. The photos are not too good though but maybe one day I’ll take some more when the lighting conditions are a bit better.

Complete army shot showing all, from left to right: 2 Regiments Light Horse, Dragoons behind. 4 Regiments Lancer. 3 Regiments Curassier, 14 Battalions of foot, 7 Artillery.

Closer photo of Light cavalry.

Closer of Lancers – The front two units were painted by me the others are Geof Evans work.

Closer of Currasier – The front unit was painted by me the others are Geof Evans work.

Closer of Infantry battalions

Closer of ‘Swiss’ infantry – these were painted by Geof Evans, I got them off him a few years ago.

Closer of Cleve-Berg infantry – these were also painted by Geof Evans. I am not sure how many battalions of Cleve Berg infantry there were but when I re-based for Black Powder I ended up with 5 Battalions. I think there were 4 regiments each of 2 battalions? but clearly I need to look into it soem more. Flags will be added in due course although I did read somewhere that they lost the flags crossing some river in Russia and were not re-issued…but I could be making that up to excuse my tardiness in sorting out the flags.

Closer of artillery , a rather grand battery.

The basing convention I have used is 6 foot figures in two ranks per 30mmx30mm base. 24 figures per battalion. Each also has a skirmisher base 60mmx20mm with 3 figures. I think this gives a decent looking column of attack when the skirmishers are placed in front. Each battalion is made up of four bases which is the minimum needed to form all the different formations needed (line, square, column attack, march column).

Cavalry is based 2 figures per 30mmx30mm base with 12 figures per regiment. Personally I think they look better a little closer together on 25mmx25mm bases but I wanted to keep the same base size as the infantry and squashing 3 figures onto a 30mmx30mm base requires them to be staggered in two rows which spoils the appearance of nice neat rows of Nappoleonic cavalry.

All bases are flocked using ‘light meadow’ flock and patches of sieved building sand.

To the right of the Cleve Berg infantry are another 3 battalions of foot that need flocked to match the rest. I also need to get limbers for all the artillery.

I have enough odds and sods left to probably make up another infantry battalion plus another couple of artillery batteries but I doubt we will ever have a game where I need all this lot, so the chances of me getting around to doing those extras is probably remote.