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Bolt Action Scenario AAR

Finally…some months after we played this game I have got the time to update this post.

The basic scenario was a couple of inexperienced Soviet platoons racing to cut off the retreat of the remnants from a failed German attack that were trying to get back to their own lines. The terrain was an unfordable river with a single bridge that the Germans had to get over in order to return to the safety of their own lines. The remaining table was made up of forest. The forest was made up of impassable areas that blocked line of sight (thick clumps of trees, rocky outcrops, dense marsh….use your imagination!) and more open areas that did not hinder line of sight but provided concealing cover. We allowed infantry to move as normal but vehicles suffered a -D6″ on every move.

The Soviet forces:

SOVIET platoon 1 comprising of 5 units and given 7 red dice in the dice bag.

PHQ 1 x Second Lt (+1 to orders), 1 x anti-tank rifle OR 1 x light   mortar. REGULAR
Infantry Section 1 7 x Rifle + LMG (8 figures in total). INEXPERIENCED
Infantry Section 2 7 x Rifle + LMG (8 figures in total). INEXPERIENCED
Infantry Section 3 8 x Rifle (8 figures in total). INEXPERIENCED
Support 1   x Truck1   x Light Howitzer, 4 Crew INEXPERIENCED

SOVIET platoon 1 comprising of 5 units and given 7 dark brown dice in the dice bag.

PHQ 1 x Second Lt (+1 to orders), 1 x anti-tank rifle OR 1 x light   mortar. REGULAR
Infantry Section 1 7 x Rifle + LMG (8 figures in total). INEXPERIENCED
Infantry Section 2 7 x Rifle + LMG (8 figures in total). INEXPERIENCED
Infantry Section 3 8 x Rifle (8 figures in total). INEXPERIENCED
Support 1   x T-26 INEXPERIENCED

Note: We gave the soviet player(s) a choice of either a light mortar or an anti-tank rifle as part of the PHQ. In this game these support weapons were an integral part of the PHQ, its not quite how they are used/chosen in the BA rule book, but that’s how we roll!

Also, notice that the two Soviet platoons have dedicated orders dice of a different colour. When I thought up this scenario it was designed as a three player with two Soviet players (any extra players above three would be German…).

The German Forces: 9 units, 15 dice in the bag (all the same colour).

PHQ 1   x Major  (+3 to orders)1   x anti-tank rifle

1   x light mortar.

Infantry Section 1 1   x SMG, 5 x Rifle + LMG (7 figures in total). REGULAR
Infantry Section 2 1   x SMG, 5 x Rifle + LMG (7 figures in total). REGULAR
Infantry Section 3 1   x SMG, 5 x Rifle + LMG (7 figures in total). REGULAR
Infantry Section 4 1   x SMG, 5 x Rifle + LMG (7 figures in total). REGULAR
Support 1   x 80mm (Medium) Mortar REGULAR
Support 1   x MG34 Team (MMG) REGULAR
Support 1   x Panzer III (37mm) REGULAR
Support 1   x Panzer III (37mm) REGULAR

Special Rules:

German – 1) The units of the PHQ cannot be assigned to other units, you are too busy retreating… 2) No mortar spotter, open sights from the mortar team only.

Soviet – 1) Place one black dice in the orders bag. This represents a spotter from the pursuing Soviet force getting sight of one of the German units. A shot can be taken from any point on the Eastern table edge (the German starting edge). It counts as a light Howitzer, with range measured along the line of sight from the table edge. 2) Units from the PHQ can not be split from the PHQ. 3) Soviet platoons use different coloured orders dice to represent the lack of shared command control / radio.

Victory Conditions:

No German units exit from the Western table edge and Soviets control the bridge at the end of the game = MAJOR SOVIET VICTORY

Destroy all German ‘support units’ = MINOR SOVIET VICTORY

Germans control bridge at the end of the game, less than four units exited = DRAW

Any 4 units exit the Western table edge = MINOR GERMAN VICTORY

MMG, Mortar and 2 x Panzer III exit the Western table edge = MAJOR GERMAN VICTORY


German units move on during their first activation from the centre of the Eastern table edge.

Soviet units move on from the North or South road ends in their first activation. Each platoon must enter entirely from one road end and they can not both enter from the same one.

If the first turn ends without all units entering, subsequent units enter as reserves (i.e. orders test at -1 to enter).

How it Played:

We have played this scenario twice now, these photos are from the first game but it has been too long and I can’t remember all the details of exactly what happened on each turn. You can get a basic gist of it from the photos though.

It was a Soviet white-wash. From what I remember Chris (Germans) brought his usual good fortune and Nigel’s (South edge Soviet with the Howitzer) inexperienced Soviets managed to decimate the Germans in fire fights. We named one of the Soviet units ‘the squirrel shooters’ as they were clearly all marksmen! The Soviet T-26 lumbered onto the table and spent a number of moves not quite sure where it could add any value. Eventually it rounded a clump of dense foliage to take a shot at a Panzer III and was promptly blown to pieces by the return shot.  Meanwhile at the Southern end the other Panzer III was being repeatedly hit by the Soviet artillery, but being of WW1 vintage it could not penetrate the thick (relatively!) armour, the crew were getting mightily shaken-up though.

At the end of the game the Germans had been all but annihilated in the dense forest. Both tanks were still operational but the one in the South was badly shot-up…(pinned beyond being useful!). A resounding Soviet victory.

The second game we played was identical in every way except for the result. This time the Germans went all out for the bridge and (from what I remember) took control of it. The Soviets were then eliminated in detail. Notably the Soviet artillery was overrun in fairly short order!

If you have a go at this scenario let me know how you find it.

BA AAR 23-04-13BA AAR 23-04-13 (1)BA AAR 23-04-13 (2)

BA AAR 23-04-13 (3)BA AAR 23-04-13 (5)BA AAR 23-04-13 (4)BA AAR 23-04-13 (12)

BA AAR 23-04-13 (7)BA AAR 23-04-13 (14)

BA AAR 23-04-13 (18)  BA AAR 23-04-13 (16) BA AAR 23-04-13 (15)  BA AAR 23-04-13 (13)  BA AAR 23-04-13 (11) BA AAR 23-04-13 (10) BA AAR 23-04-13 (9) BA AAR 23-04-13 (8)  BA AAR 23-04-13 (6)   BA AAR 23-04-13 (17)   BA AAR 23-04-13 (20)BA AAR 23-04-13 (19)


KR Multi-Case for BA

Normally I like to make scratch built cardboard boxes out of thick card (2mm thick…) to store miniatures. When I make thes boxes I include specifically sized compartments to match the specific miniatures/basing. However, the other guys all have these fantastic foam filled cases that are a lot less effort to make and dont need to be carefully carried or stacked. So, at long last I sucumbed and ordered a case from KR Multicase.

Wow…thats it really! I dont think I will make another cardboard box, even though I actually enjoy making them.

The first set of miniatures to get the special comfortable box were my 28mm WW2 Russians and Germans. I spent a bit of time on the KR website oooing and arring and gernerally procrastinating over making a purchase but eventually went for one of the half depth pick-and pluck trays and two 1/4 depth trays with enough compartments in to fit 50 figures.

My WW2 is based to include two-man teams on 50mm diameter bases, which all conveniently fit into the pick and pluck tray. Including the prone miniatures which could be slid in on their ends. The tray comes with all the slots filled with foam that is fairly easily cut out.

WW2BA (30)

The next tray is mostly plastic Russians:

WW2BA (31)

And the final tray is all the Germans and some extra russians that didnt fit in the one tray.

 WW2BA (32)

I did slightly modify the trays so that I could put the kneeling miniatures in the right way up. This meant I could cut out the dividing foam between two sections and fit 3 miniatures in the space for 2.

My verdict though…these cases are fantastic. I have finally seen the light. Thank you KR…

28mm WW2 Soviets

Well what would you know…completed another project! This time my WW2 Soviets which are aimed at the period from the German invasion to Kursk, but mostly the earlier period.

All the miniatures are from the Plastic Soldier 28mm Russian Infantry pack, as discussed in my previous post about them. There are a couple of odd metal minatures from Crusader among them but they are very hard to spot until you pick them up (metal vs plastic)…look for rifles with bayonets.

Firstly the overview of everything. On the left are the early war armour of two T-28 and three T-26, on the right is the mid/late war armour of an Su-76. Of course these armoured vehicles should never really be fielded toghether as all the T-26 and T-28 were destroyed before the Su-76 made its appearance.

WW2BA (17)

The infantry, five sections each made up of 2 x SMG, 5 x rifle and a DPMG team (or record players as a certain person at our club calls them…)

WW2BA (22)

Mortar supports. two 80mm Mortar (medium mortar) and two 50mm Mortar (light mortar).

WW2BA (23)

MMG’s…two of, deployed and moving.

WW2BA (24)WW2BA (29)

A Flame thrower team. Including a single miniature for casualty removal purposes, or until I get another command type miniature to put with him on a base.

WW2BA (27)

Anti-tank rifle teams. Better photos in the other post about these miniatures.

WW2BA (25)

45mm Anti-tank guns

WW2BA (20)

76mm Putilov artillery. It is a current bugbear of mine that these 7km range guns are classed as ‘light howitzer’ in Bolt Action which gives them an on table maximum range of 48″ which is somewhat less than the range of a medium mortar (60″). Anyway, grumping aside, here they are with trucks for pulling them around. These guns are from the Battle Honnors WW1 range but they are (or seem to be) the 1930’s version with an elongated barrel so actually fit WW2 rather than WW1.

WW2BA (19)WW2BA (18)

Armour support, two lumbering but deadly to infantry T-28 and three utterly hopelessly armoured T-26 death traps, good gun on them though…

WW2BA (21)

Not pictured sperately (look back at the overview shot) are two command groups each of three figures and three female figures that could be used to represent a medical team. And…I have three spare prone LMG teams that I don’t quite know what to do with… 

 WW2BA (28)        

 As usual, I am telling myself that this lot is now complete but…I know that should I come accross one I will probably get either a KV-1 or a KV-2 for that extra Russian sense of presence.

28mm WW2 Germans


I have got my 28mm WW2 Germans sorted out for Bolt Action or any other 28mm scale game for that matter.

First the entire lot:

WW2BA (4)

Close-up of the infantry Platoon, bit of a mish/mash photo but there are better photos in the other German Infantry post. Anyway, the main thing is that there are now three complete sections each consisting of 1 NCO with SMG, 7 rifles and a MG34 team. I know Bolt Action uses the loader as a ‘duty’ rather than a dedicated model but I just prefer to base the team together. It makes no difference whatsoever to game play but makes the MG34 much easier for me to spot on the table. And, simply, I prefer it this way :).

WW2BA (13)WW2BA (14)

Platoon HQ, in a kubelwagon.

WW2BA (10)

50mm Mortar (light mortar) and Anti-tank rifle, which would strictly be part of the platoon HQ but are independant teams in Bolt Action.

WW2BA (11)

80mm Mortar (medium mortar) and tripod mounted MG34 (MMG).

WW2BA (12)

PAK36 (37mm) Anti-Tank gun. This photo was supposed to also show the two 75mm Infantry Guns but they were horrendously out of focus so I had to cut them off. So…if you look back at the overview photo you will notice two 75mm IG behind, and a sdkfz11 half-track.

WW2BA (9)

Armoured supports. Currently a Panzer II, Panzer III (with 37mm gun) and a Panzer IV Ausf C (with short 75mm).

WW2BA (8)

All of the above is aimed at early/mid war period, roughly from the invasion of Russia to Kursk which is my favourite period to game WW2. However, it seems I am unique in this, at least at our club, so…I bought a few late-war figures with panzerfausts to spread through my existing infantry if I need to 44′ or 45′ them. Of course you can’t do late war without a Panzerschreck…or two.

 All the other miniatures are from Crusader (appart from a couple of artillery miniatures from Black Tree Designs). The following late war miniatures are from Black Tree Design.

WW2BA (6)

Close-up of the ‘tank hunters’…

WW2BA (7)

WW2BA (16) WW2BA (15)             

Of course I am kidding myself that any project is ever really completed. I do have plans to get a couple of Opel Blitz or other suitable trucks at some point when I come accross them. I also like the look of Hetzer tank destroyers so no doubt I’ll get one of those.

The worry (for my wallet :P) is that Chris (British Paras) or Graham (US Paras) tempt me to the dark side of Western Front 1944-45 and I end up feeling the need for more supports that fit with that theatre such as  PAK 40 or some other late war armour…something that really makes a statement…perhaps a Tiger I.