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28mm Macedonian

I have always like the idea of an Alexandrian Macedonian army, but it worries me that it might be a boring army to use on the table top. I tend to prefer hoarde armies or at least ones that are the under-dog of their period rather than the dominating influence.

All these miniatures are Old Glory and I am still waiting for another pack of front rank phalangites with their sarissa held level to complete each phallanx. I have based this lot on the later Alexandrian army in the Warhammer Anicents supplement since my friend Nigel has an Indian army, also it meant I could use some standard bearers.

The bases are not quite finished since I have not quitre decided whether to use static grass or floc, or quite what colour to use. I might go for sun scorched/dead looking static grass…?

Here are some photos, not the best quality though.

The complete army as it stands, the movement trays give an indictaion of what is missing, although they are purposefully a little over sized so that I can turn them 90 degrees.

Close up of the army standard bearer, it is not a very good photo but it does show the shield with an image of Alexander on it

Close up shot of the Companions, I went with the idea that the purple cloaks gifted to them by Alexander before the invasion of India were just decorated with purple, rather than completely purple.

Some closer shots along the line showing the Peltasts and Cretan archers. I based the Cretans on 20mm diameter washers since they can only be deployed as skirmishers.  third picture is the Greek mercanary Peltasts arranged in close order with a muscician and led by their Polemarch.

Final image showing the light horse and the Greek mercenary peltasts.

All shields are transfers except for the army standard bearer which was painted by hand. I have arranged the units as blue helmet/red shield with white sunburst, red helmet/yellow shield with red sunburst, unpainted shield/white shield, red 16pointed sunburst. Apparently there is some suggestion that the Macedonians used helmet colours to signify different units, I am not sure if I buy this competely so I mixed in some un-painted helmets into each unit too. The bright blue helmets are shown on the Alexander sarcophagus though.

I need to get a unit of Hypaspists and some Agrianians to complete the army but I also fancy a unit of Hoplites and a bolt thrower…£££’s :).


28mm Norman

I had a bit of time while waiting for more Macedonians to arrive so I looked through my half completed projects box and found these.

A pleasure to paint miniatures in top-to-toe chainmail…Might have to collect a Norman army now.

All miniatures were shaded using Army Painter, I find it gives best effect if base coat is highlighted first.

Heavy Infantry, for some reason the figure on the left reminds me of my friend Sean, although he is a Viking re-enactor so no doubt will not be too pleased that a Norman miniature reminds me of him…The mythical beast is an embosed shield design, I have no idea what it is meant to be but that seems to be true of the images on Bayeaux Tapestry too.

Norman Cavalry, what to say? Tanks with legs for their time, although it would have been better if the miniatures had javelins too. I did try to straighten the spear a little but it just didnt want to…



All the bases are flocked with sand and then some ‘light meadow’ flock that I have had for years.

I noticed on the Bayeaux Tapestry that a lot of the figures have striped garments on their legs so perhaps if I paint more I will try to copy that a bit.