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Recently photographing some of my oldest miniatures and I noticed that two of them have a strange purple growth on them!

I dont know what this is, but it feels hard and metallic/crystaline so I am guessing it is some sort of corrosion product that has grown out of the metal used to cast these miniatures. Odd that they have been in the same box (storage conditions) as a number of other miniatures of the same type and painting style etc but only these two are affected (so far.. ).

Its strange that I cant remember noticing this the last time they were out of the box a few years ago, but maybe I just didnt notice then.

Its dissapointing to see a miniature bite the dust but, as my Dad would say “They owe me nowt…” They¬†were bought second hand at Northern Militaire in Oldham when I was about 13 years old by a freind of mine (Mike Dixon) who subsequently sold them on to me some years later. So they are ~25 years old that I know of and who knows how long the original owner/painter had them for.