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Battle Fleet Gothic Chaos Fleet

Typically we go and get into a game a mere few weeks before the manufacturer decides they are going to stop supporting it and stop casting anymore miniatures…

For anyone that hasn’t come across this game yet, it is a sci-fi space fleet combat game at the level of squadrons of escorts and capital ships. It is a GW game but…its from back when they actually designed decent games and it wasn’t all about ‘pay to win’. A typical fleet might be a few squadrons of frigates/destroyers supporting maybe half a dozen cruisers and a battleship. The rules are pretty good and there is plenty of really nice aspects such as launching ordinance in the forms of torpedoes or fighters/bombers and the minimum distance ships have to move before they can turn.

Clearly you have to have a ship so equipped before you can launch fighters/bombers but the idea of having a carrier in the fleet appealed to me even before we played our first game. It was even better when I realised the whole game is full of choices, there is nothing you can do that isn’t a matter of summing up the array of options before you. Sometimes it comes down to the least worst option, which is an aspect I particularly like in a game. Anyway, you can read loads of reviews of this game elsewhere.

When Rick showed us all this game for the first time it was an Imperial versus Chaos fleet skirmish, Nigel and me were the Imperials. Although this ended in an imperial victory it was the Chaos ships that appealed to me, especially since Rick had painted them a deep red colour reminiscent of the Cygnus from the ‘The Black Hole’ movie. If you don’t know what this was or have never seen it, check out this link http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0078869/, the guy in the review that talks about Maximillian the robot has got it dead right!

Anyway, from that game onwards I had to get me a Chaos fleet. This is despite my usual aversion to anything with the word Chaos in the title and also my aversion to anything from GW…In my mind they are just cool ships from a different fleet.

Since GW were good enough to stop making the models I have had to source the fleet from e-bay but luckily I have managed to get them all in an unpainted state so far, the cruisers were unmade plastics still on the sprue. So here is the current fleet:

BFG Chaos (3)BFG Chaos (2)BFG Chaos (1)

(3 photos because I am struggling with my new camera…)

The fleet is made up of:

An Acheron class heavy cruiser. The main armament of this ship being long range lances.

In BFG a lance is a generic term for a hard hitting weapon, think of them as powerful lasers or such like. They ignore the armour value of the target ship and always hit on a 4+. 

BFG Chaos (8)

A Devestation class cruiser. This is a carrier and enables the fleet to launch either fighters for defence from torpedoes or enemy bombers, or to launch offensive waves of bombers or assault ships.

Currently I have eight stands of fighters but there are more on the way. The fighters are from Brigade Games and mounted on 20mm square bases. The number of fighter models on the base makes no difference at all so 3 is a nice number as they are suitably spread out so that the base doesn’t look to overcrowded. Also the Brigade Games fighters are about the same size as the GW ones but are much more reasonably priced. I really don’t understand why anyone would pay for the GW or Forgeworld ones.

BFG Chaos (9)BFG Chaos (10)

Two Murder class cruisers. These are damn fine cruisers and I have high hopes for them in coming games. The Murder class cruiser has very strong weapon batteries to each side and a lance that can fire forwards.

BFG Chaos (5)BFG Chaos (6)

Three Idolator class raiders. Fast and manoeuvrable escort ships that carry a lance and small weapons battery. Expecting these to be quite good at being a real pain in the rear for whoever they are fielded against.

BFG Chaos (12)

Four Iconoclast class destroyers. Small and weakly armoured but fast and manoeuvrable with a small weapons battery.

BFG Chaos (11)

Painting these ships was a doddle but that said, I have never been so uninspired by models that I like so much…must be because I have a psychological block against anything with the word ‘Chaos’ in the title.  All were glued to the stands and then undercoated with a matt black spray. This had the added benefit of giving a smooth even coating on the stands that was devoid of brush strokes.

After that, a heavy fairly wet ‘dry brush’ of scab read from the GW range. This was to give a good base covering but to allow the black to show through in the recesses. I then blended some ‘bright red’ into the scab red and dry brushed to pick out the details. The amount of bright red was increased depending on how it felt at the time, most ended up with a final brush of just the bright red.

Details picked out in a dull metallic silver and bright green or yellow as you can see on the photos.

The varnish I have used has gone a bit ‘gloss’ it is supposed to be matt…not that I mind much, but they did look better when matt before they were varnished. At some point I might get some of the Army Painter matt spray and give them a quick going over to dull them down.

Currently waiting for a Battleship to arrive (another e-bay impulse buy) and that will be about it for this fleet. I don’t intend on purchasing anything else although I’ll probably keep an eye on e-bay in case any bargains come up. The fleet needs a better carrier I think…so possibly another Devastation or a Styx heavy cruiser (bigger carrier), but this is currently 975pts worth so doesn’t really need anything else for the games we play.






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