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28mm Sand Bags

I know that these days everything should be described with a load of pictures or a video..but here are some old fashioned instructions:

If you want to make sand bags for 28mm, or any other scale using milliput (or green stuff) here is how I do it.

Firstly have a clean board to work on, the chopping board from the kitchen is apprently not acceptable, nor is it appropriate to work directly on a kitchen worktop or the dining table. This board needs to be large enough for you to roll out the milliput. I found a 12″ square of MDF was just right (eventually).

Make sure you have a small bowl of water to hand.

Get equal sized portions of the two elelments of miliput, I found pieces about the size of a large marble were a decent size to work with, about the size of a gobstopper if you are young enough you don’t even know what a marble is. If you don’t know what a gobstopper is either nobody can help you…knead them together until they are well mixed. Remember to wet your hands before you start kneading and as required during the kneading process to stop your hands/fingers being covered in milliput.

Next splash a little bit of water on your board and then roll out the milliput until it is in a large sausage just a little bit thinner than the width you want for the sand bags.

Next, dip the blade of your modelling knife in the water and then cut the rolled out milliput into sand bag sized pieces.

Now put a bead of PVA glue on the model where you want the sand bags. Take up a single sand bag, give a little more squashing into a pleasing shape with your fingers and place it onthe model.

When you have done a full layer, take something that is textured (I used aluminium mesh used for car body repairs, because I have some waiting to be turned into chainlink fences…that is another project I will get on to one day) and press it into the sand bags to give them a hessian sack appearance. You could also run your modelling knife blade along the edge of the ‘bags’ to give the impression of a seam, I did this on some…

Start again with the next layer. You don’t need to use the PVA glue for the next layer because the milliput will stick to itself, but i found that using it helps to fill out the gaps between bags.

Here are some pictures of slip trenches I made and added sand bags to, these are the sand bags unpainted and in the raw colour of standard yellow/grey milliput.

Trench (1) Trench


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